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The history of RBTT Bank Jamaica, dates back to 1964. As a result of a merger of four banks it was established on June 29, 1999 as Union Bank of Jamaica Limited.

It is licensed under the Banking Act of 1992 and the Banking (Amendment) Act of 1997, and is authorized to carry out banking business in Jamaica with a licensed agency in Miami, Florida. It was acquired by RBTT Financial Holdings on March 15, 2001.

RBTT Bank Jamaica provides a complete range of products and services, and includes different classes of savings and chequing accounts, certificates of deposit, US dollar accounts, credit facilities, international trade services, card services, telephone banking services, foreign business and general services such as night deposit, safety deposit boxes, payroll preparation and standing orders.

Savings Accounts



Foreign Currency Accounts

We offer competitive returns on your foreign currency....so make RBTT your choice for foreign currency deposits


See our branches and ATM Locations


Chequing Accounts

Regular Personal and Business Chequing

The ideal chequing account for your day to day personal and business needs

Personal Plus and Corporate Plus Accounts (Interest bearing)

These are interest bearing chequing accounts. ....the higher the balance, the more you earn

Certificate of Deposit (Local and Foreign)

A deposit instrument that allows you to earn higher rates than savings accounts.

Repurchase Agreements (Local and Foreign)

A Repurchase Agreement, otherwise referred to as Repo, is a contract to sell and subsequently repurchase securities or monies (Government Paper or gilt edge instrument).

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A  complete range of Credit and Debit Cards featuring:

Some advantages of  having a RBTT Bank Credit Card


Some of the benefits of our Fas Service 24 Debit Card are:

Electronic Banking

The following services are available through any RBTT Bank Fas Service 24 ATM:

International Debit Card Facility - International Debit Cardholders with cards displaying the PLUS logo may access funds at any RBTT Bank Fas Service ATM Nationwide.

SPECIAL SERVICES - Take advantage of our other products and services

SWEEP FACILITY - This allows greater cash management by facilitating the automatic transfer of funds between accounts

TELEPHONE SERVICE CENTRE (24 Hour Call Service) - Our friendly and courteous Telephone Service Centre Representative will facilitate any of the following transactions/services via telephone, or through our automated attendant.

Other Subsidiary & Associate Companies

RBTT Merchant Bank  Limited | RBTT Trust  Limited

If you require any additional information on our products or services, please send E-mail to info@tt.rbtt.com

RBTT Bank Jamaica e-mail: amrit.sinanan@jm.rbtt.com

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