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train.jpg (19492 bytes)ROYTEC was founded in 1987. An affiliation with the American Management Association was established, with the main objective being to keep business professionals abreast of the latest techniques and skills utilized worldwide.

ROYTEC has established a working relationship with the University of the West Indies, Institute of Business, and in October 1997, entered into a venture with the University of New Brunswick, Canada, to introduce a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Education.

ROYTEC recognizes the need for training programmes which focus on skills critical to successful performance in today's competitive environment and, therefore, has devised a wide range of programmes geared toward the following categories of individuals and organizations:

      Organizations wishing to develop their employees to improve their on-the-job performance

      and/or prepare them for future responsibilities. An important service to organizations is our
      consultancy and on-site training programmes which address the
      unique needs of businesses.

      Individuals desirous of increasing their knowledge and/or improving skills in a particular


      School-leavers who need to make themselves more marketable and to prepare themselves

      to enter a highly competitive work-place.

ROYTEC can be described as a Human Resource Development Centre. It is an institution which is catering to the needs of the corporate community and individuals, providing local and regional markets with access to training and education at the highest levels. Our range of programmes includes:
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- Executive Training
- American Management Association Seminars
- Information Technology Seminars
- Academic Programmes
- Associate Degree in Management
- Associate Degree in Information Systems Management
- Degree in Management and Industrial and Organization

- Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

- Bachelors Degree in Education
- Professional Enhancement Seminars
- Specialized Executive Training Services
- Personalized Consultancy
- On-Site Training
- Information Technology Software Training
- Specialized Programmes
- Professional Enhancement Seminars

- Introduction to Business and Computer Technology (IBCT): youth programme
- Edulink T&T

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